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Villalonga is the municipality in the Valencian Community, in the La Safor region, situated at the feet of the Serra de La Safor, which borders with the Alicante province. It is 76 km from Valencia and 110 km from Alicante. The main mode of commnunication is that that joins Gandía and Villalonga which is 10 km long.

Villalonga is the municipality par excellence in the inland part of the Safor region. The mountain which lends its name to this municipal area.

There is evidence of human settings from Neolithics times (Coves del Pastor y Cova del Racó del Duc), apart from other Roman remains.



Villalonga enjoys a "C" type climate according to the Köppen classification, a lightly humid Mediterranean climate with average temperatures between 10 ºC in the month of January and 24 ºC in August.

The municipality has sports facilities such as the swimming pools, where swimming courses take place and the sports centre with basketball, hand ball, tennis and pelota courts togethers with a fotball pitch.

The Oliva Nova golf club is to be found a just 8 km from Villalonga, with an excellent course designed by Severiano Ballesteros.

In the same municipality of Villalonga a project of construction of a great golf course is approved.